A-Z Radon Services LLC

4/5 stars

I want to Thank you A-Z Radon! You were very professional and knowledgeable. I had hired a different radon company to fix my home which had levels of over 85.0pCi/L due to the fact they were less expensive than other quotes I received. After 3 months and a ridiculous amount of pipes and fan motors they finally gave up and said my house could not be fixed. Thankfully I did not believe their conclusion and called A-Z Radon. A-Z was able to remove the mess that was installed by the other radon company, pinpoint the issues and reinstall a system in a much more attractive professional and compliant fashion. I am not sure of the protocol is as far as oversight on radon mitigation but seeing the difference first hand between the other radon company and A-Z Radon Services I am not sure how the other company is allowed to have a license and charge people for their work. In the end I guess you get what you pay for and I should have called A-Z first and saved myself a great deal of hassle and frustration! I would recommend A-Z to anyone even thinking about testing of installing a mitigation system in their home!