Accurate Radon Testing – Commercial

accurate radon testing cost - commercial

Let us test your commercial structure. Our team of experts can design a testing plan that meets all lender and regulatory standards.

The A-Z Advantage

  • Short testing times – Most testing takes two days (48 hours) to complete (from the time the first test is set to the last test retrieved)
  • Quick setup time – Most buildings take less than 3 hours to set up.
  • Small testing devices – Our devices are designed to not interfere with normal building operations.
  • Fast results – Results can be delivered within three days of final testing unit retrieval.
  • Cost effective options available – We have options available to fit every budget.


Partner with the Radon gas experts

For over twenty years A-Z Radon Services has provided excellent service to our residential customers, it is in this spirit that we created A-Z Solutions, Inc. 10 years ago to bring the same level of professionalism and quality to our commercial clients. 

The A-Z family has a proven track record of going beyond our customers’ expectations and we carry this same can-do attitude to our commercial clients.  

Visit the A-Z Solutions, Inc. web site to view our Commercial Radon Testing page or call 330-915-2650 for more information or to speak with one of our project managers.