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In 1993 A-Z Radon Services LLC started with a simple mission of helping people reduce their risk of radon induced lung cancer.  Since then we have grown into one of the premier radon testing and mitigation companies in the tri state area.   Our team of skilled technicians has successfully reduced radon levels in over 10,000 homes in Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Indiana.  As experts in our field, we have received numerous awards and keynotes for our work.  Throughout our success, we have always maintained a focus on customers’ health and well-being.

Our extensive field experience and unique approach to customizing systems have been instrumental in making us a leader in radon testing and mitigation.  In addition to our residential radon experience, A-Z Radon Services, LLC has over 10 years’ experience in commercial radon testing and mitigation.  A-Z Radon Services, LLC is a privately held company with corporate offices located in Ohio.


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